A new Blog for the New Year

I am a writer. Well in the works.

I work and live in the San Francisco Bay Area and am not shy to blogging. However, my original postings were not as successful as I hoped they would be. I’ve learned from my mistakes; and from this new year I plan to slowly move my old blog onto this new Dizzy Writer!
I graduated University of San Francisco, now in that fantastical stage en route to adulthood to find a job and a good space in time to write my mainly nonfiction and short stories. I started out as a novelist when I was a bad writer. Now I think I’m a decent writer, but that’ll be up to you as I continuously post some small works here.

As far as my writing platform, here’s this: I was an intern at McSweeney’s. interviewed the band The Airborne Toxic Event for an unpublished piece in The Believer, and read at various obscure word night readings around San Francisco. Currently I’ve taken my creativity into new realms, such as leading craft workshops for Paper Source in the City. I also contribute travel insights to my beloved home of San Francisco to travelsages.com.

As I freshly start anew here, I’m at a standstill. The world ahead in 2014 is continuous and unlived, and until we get there, this writer’s mind’s resting, until the life gets her dizzy once again.


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4 thoughts on “A new Blog for the New Year

    1. I really enjoy realist short stories, although now I am gravitating towards nonfiction. I always found an individual’s reality an interesting source of material rather than retreat into a fantasy or Sci-fi (and God forbid vampire) world. But you can always argue that reality varies from each person!

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