WTF: the Weather Edition


The New Year fad is slowly diminishing despite everyone I still encounter– especially strangers or customers at work– wishing each other a Happy New Year. It’s only the fourth day of 2014 approaching; the freshness in our minds of new possibilities and blank slate boards embedded into the planners on our iPhones and tablets lingers even as yes, practically a fraction of this new year is passing with each second. Well frankly, there is never enough time. And there is never a common pattern in what you end up doing. Who really sticks to their shiny NYE resolutions? Sadly only 8% can proudly go all the way with the weight loss and eCigarette commitment. Rather than think and talk, do– walk, get going, and just do something, because somehow one of those things you end up finding yourself acting upon is meaningful in your life, greatly affecting it in a remote and hazy butterfly effect.

The irony is that I’m sitting here and preaching and not doing myself. And what better time than now, in the midst of this nice weather, too?

It’s winter time in the world, and in California particularly, not counting the Sierra Nevada and Shasta regions of my beloved home, the expectations of a dismal winter are wet, cloudy, and sharp, cold air. Lately our expectations have fallen short: it’s gorgeous out. Well, the air still stings frost and I can see my break even when I’m not exhaling, but other than that the sun shines and by the afternoon it’s just like it would be for a summer in San Francisco. The weather’s muddy, mixed up in the seasons. And in a way, I’m actually disappointed. For personally, a dreary, dark day out means a bright and inspiring (warm) day inside– inside writing and reading and snuggling up in a sweatshirt that yes, is my boyfriend’s and still smells like my boyfriend’s cologne.

unnamed CHAIRS

But I’m forced to go out. Besides work, when I’m forced out already for financial  incentives, the sun is there, always, and I get feels. Feels that drag me around San Francisco and take me away from those seasonal comforts of wintertime when I could adequately map ideas and scratch in ink onto paper after paper notes and stories that ultimately end up being nothing. It’s absurd to be pissed at the sun and the warmth it brings about, pissed about being taken away from inspirations to go out into inspirations.

But Butterfly Effect. All roads lead somewhere, sometimes to the same destination– one way or the other, even though I had expectations of my idealistic writing routines, this is working all the same. I’m a mad woman for ultimately ranting about nothing. But that’s what writers do, and some more than others perfectly capture (or mask) nonsense in a convincing, artful way that’s so mind-blowing that readers just go with it. I might not get away with it in this rambling about the weather, but it poses the question: should we get mad about not achieving some things so early in a new year?

Okay, I’m not so worked up anymore over the decent weather. April showers, right?

unnamed (10)


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