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WOMEN IN TELEVISION– There isn’t a better time than now to write for a young woman, thanks to two factors. The first, being that this world is now not without a significant variety of (good) coffee, and the other:

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It’s nothing to ignore when it comes to screenwriting for television the Now, and especially when there’s an obvious shift in the roles of women on television. Women have become more complicated (and unique) on the tube because of weird and wonderful women writers who have been handed keys to the city and changed everything. As women on the big screen usually become iconic for their aesthetics, women on television have no heirs to put on necessarily– convicts, stressed political figures, machete-wielding zombie fighters, adorkable high school teachers, awkward black women, and broke post-grads. They’re not icons, they’re relatable.

In reading this month’s issue of Elle, which highlights these broad range of female characters and writers, I can’t wait to just write something. I particularly enjoyed the article that discusses the realism casting director Jennifer Euston looks for in her characters on shows like Girls and Veep. It’s the best motivation you can get as a writer– after all the key to great writing is just reading more.

WRITING LETTERS– I wrote letters two nights ago, and this morning. When was the last time you handwrote a letter? Me neither. So to get back in that groove, be patient. In being patient I mean to wait for that right work of art to come along: the perfect, quintessential stationery set for you. Keep your eyes out for one, because when you find it you’re ready to write. It also puts you in a good vibe to write a well-wishing letter for the New Year– clears your mind and all the good intentions you penned out affect you, too. The bitch of it all? Stamps. I don’t even know what the postage cost was or like, how many stamps come in a set to buy (ain’t nobody got time for that!).

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TALKING TO STRANGERS is visibly the best bet for any story inspiration. Well, if a stranger is wanting to talk to you. And you shouldn’t be disinterested or obviously cold– we’re human beings, not robotic and apathetic. Even if you’re pissed, chances are strangers have been for a long time too, and they found someone who they think gives a shit about them or what they have to say. Of course it can be scary, unpredictable, unexpected– invasive. But believe me, you’ll both depart happy.

And the new Franz Ferdinand album is terrific! I had their last one on CD but I lost it. If you are attracted to someone, don’t lend them things.

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