The Right Pen, Mightier in More Ways than One

Let’s just say a HUGE difference is made in the right pen when it comes to writing.

First of all, it’s nice to have your work typed up as it comes to you in from of Microsoft Word or email. But personally I feel like my writing turns out better when I start from true old school scratch- pen and paper (or napkins, when I’ve left my notebook at home rushing to work in the morning). Ink is more assuring, your work really feels set in stone on something whereas you’re just hitting the “save” button on the computer like crazy and your words are there in theory as bytes (if that makes sense? It does to me I guess :P). The bonus to writing is better catharsis; you can scratch up the paper and waste as much ink in destroying what you just messed up or don’t like in terms of where your idea/story is going, without risking damage to your computer were you to go bezerk on a computer.

So yes, choose the right pen! Any pencil feels unfinished; a cheap ballpoint pen gives you an uneasy hand. You struggle against the stiffness of the ballpoint, rather than working in unison to achieve what you want to write. Nowadays I always, always travel with 3 pens… 2 when one of them (soon) runs dry. The Pilot G-2. Pilot Precise V5, and lastly for fancier touches the American Crafters Metallic Gold Marker get my jobs done. Gold? Because there’s just something about gold, is why.
For more tips on making sure you’ve got the “write” tools for writing, definitely check out this blog The Write Gear, in which you can really learn about the most reliable notebooks and pens to get you on the write track. Remember, writing is a passion, a process of being and relaying your genius to a paper– it shouldn’t feel stuffy.

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