Monday Obsessions: Past Obsessions

RAC’s “Hollywood” has been pretty much on repeat for weeks.

It’s been one of the happiest weeks since Matt came back from England. It’s been almost four months since we’ve been apart, second time around. The first time was a bit off, taking some getting used to, in terms of Skyping loads and Facebook all the time. And the excitement of seeing them again after so long… last year was one of the best surprises I’ve ever gotten, when Matt showed up unexpected on my door at 8 at night with a bouquet of roses. UNBELIEVABLE. I’ve put up with it now, being in a long distance relationship, and this second time he went back home to England we were fine. The only thing I can really say about the difficulties with LDRs is just that trust goes a long way, and keeping in the loop with your someone. It sucks when they I don’t get back to your text within twenty minutes, let alone 5,000 miles apart and 8 hours ahead. I really need to work my replying to my texts ASAP, I’ve always been terrible at that.


One regret? I should take better care of the money I have and save, because I would have loved to go to England. I was sure obsessed with England, even before I met Matt. It started with stories, I guess. Yes, Harry Potter, but there was Jane Austen’s Southern England and the dark and gothic moors of Bronte Yorkshire. Then the quirks of London according to Dickens. As a reader, it was natural to get so engrossed with these settings; England seemed like a fairy land, literally to me. Then I got older books turned into music and films that turned towards total Britishdom. Notting Hill, About a Boy, Dear Frankie (the last a Scottish film, respectively) drove me into my teenage years as a young Anglophile who wanted nothing more than to move to England. Or maybe it all just came down to my mega crush of all time as a young girl to Tom Felton– okay, maybe Harry Potter had dug its claws into me that good and started everything else after all.

I mean, sorry Matt, but yeah?? Photo:

Even as I write this out, I never could over the years explain why I wanted to move to England so badly. All I know is that it reached a tipping point, that being when I was old enough to know my own music tastes– rather than jump on board with Rihanna and Lil Wayne or even the fucking Jonas Brothers, I was consumed with British Indie. The Fratellis, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, MUSE…I do know that if their cities and people influenced their music, then that’s where I wanted to be. College seemed like an ACTUAL achievement for me to study abroad.


But then reality kicked in and it got me to see how awesome home actually was. Especially in going to San Francisco for college, you could say that was my England for awhile. The fog, old Victorian buildings and the cold ocean by the Cliff House felt like I was having my own holiday away to the UK, and in my own backyard. I finally understood that as young as I was, why was I going to leave the Bay Area when so many people were dying to come visit out here?

California…or England?

And obviously besides Matt, whom I met by chance through my sister’s boyfriend when they worked together two summers ago, there are hidden gems coming to surface out in the Bay Area that make me have British withdrawals. I go to pubs like Pig and Whistle and Elephant and Castle in the city sometimes, and then I’ll go out dancing to British indie at my favorite club ever, Popscene, and sometimes I’ll continue that dancing into the rain. And then there’s my music. And then there’s Matt. Maybe it’s not a past obsession after all.


Another new obsession: ICED COFFEE. Like, all the time.


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