Product Story: Paris K Studio on Etsy Now!


Great news! Paris K Studio, my online shop for my watercolored stationery and altered notebooks, is open for business! Have a look, I have some amazing and beautifully detailed notecards ready for purchase and writing! Each card is written on 3 1/2″ by 4 7/8′ Luxe Cream paper with a lovely textured surface, and its matching envelopes are brilliantly lined with Antique Gold paper. The idea is for small but spacious notes, enough for the words you’ll write, the words that need to be said.


I’m a very romantic person, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve gladly embraced this side of me and proudly incorporate it into my life’s work. I know I’m a delicate person with oddities and delusions– but they keep me going. I get inspired; isn’t that fantastic? Or at least good enough? Warm pastels, lace, and pretty vintage trinkets are what I turn to now for creative spark. I love things like that so much, why shouldn’t I be able to reflect my own take and feelings on them through my own hand?

Compilation of vintage postcards I collected from my road trip down the coast last summer.


For the beautiful things I see in the world, I contain what I can in my work, pass on the muses that make me de-stress, feel good, and stop thinking about stupid irrelevant things. It’s also why I really turn to California for inspiration– just the idea and concept of the West Coast being the place to be, always being that cielo for America where dreams come true or a place and time to relax and let go. That symbolism holds true for me, especially being here my whole life. Good memories, ones of sunny road trips along the 101 with my family and crisp fog ratting my hair as I first walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, or winning my own stuffed animal at the boardwalk games in Santa Cruz. And that’s what I try to relive in my painting, small and soft illustrations that just bring out warmth, nostalgia to better times of the past. For now, all I can really give you are stories, essays, and now these notecards.

Cottage Row in San Francisco, a great example of vintage California I love so much
Cottage Row in San Francisco, a great example of vintage California I love so much

Here are some photos from the collection now up for sale on the shop!

Poppy Perk notecard
Poppy Perk notecard
Golden Gate notecard
Golden Gate notecard
Rosegold Dots notecard
Rosegold Dots notecard
Cielo Citrus notecard
Just Beachy notecard



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