Product Story: The Birthday Collection at Paris K Studio


As much as I enjoy bringing life to my stationery through watercolors, I really get excited about the challenge that arises when creating from scratch materials such as assorted color paper, ribbon, little jewel embellishments, washi tape, and glitter. These are external tools that guide you in the right direction of crafting, but not necessarily on where to begin. They all look and sound fabulous in theory, but jumbled onto a scrap of paper you won’t exactly get that “pretty” you’re aiming for. So during this week, as the end of March fell alongside the heavy rain and thunderstorms that came to the Bay Area, I took the time off I had to piece together exciting and beautiful stationery, but ones that were unlike anywhere else, that took these craft essentials and made them one of a kind and true to my dreamy  inspirations.

Not long after I launched Paris K Studio did I know that special greeting cards would be next in line for design. I just didn’t want to create standards. Plus, I have a very minimal stash so that I don’t get over the top with my designs. And yes, I had these things and I really didn’t know how to begin or what vision. At first I was simply creating one card in mind for a friend’s birthday, and then I realized after looking at the design of the card that as pretty as it was, this particular card was bulky. So not only uniqueness was kept in mind, but practicality. A card has to be nice but convenient, able to fit into an envelope for mailing. And then I came up with this:

Square knot detailing. Gold metallic ink is used for HAPPY BIRTHDAY! right onto the tape!

I haven’t really seen anywhere else with a card like this. This is my signature square knot, striped present design for my first birthday card, Gracious Gifting. It shows layers and fine detailing, but it’s still slim to fit perfectly into an envelope. I was truly excited when I made this into a reality, to actually touch this card in all its lovely detailing and sturdiness that this was It, the first It for this birthday collection. The washi tape really made this card work since it was less of a mess trying to glue or tape paper on. Washi tape is genius and multi-functional. It’s a great starter piece for crafting supplies because, well, you see!


The second design in the collection is a spin on that aforementioned friend’s birthday card. I love working with rosettes because they translate onto so many aesthetic levels the same sense of wonder; they can feel like actual flowers or give a pop for a sparkling firework feel. And I know she’s one fancy, oustanding lady who is very deserving of a card with this much attention. In fact, that’s who I imagine receiving these cards, wondrous and selfless people who deserve some time to themselves to get away from their hard work and everyday life challenges for celebration, especially in just a single small card as these two.

Uniqueness, romantic, and opulent details are what I want to capture most in my cards. I try to decorate based on these sentiments, like this upcycled jewelry bird cage!
Uniqueness, romantic, and opulent details are what I want to capture most in my cards. I try to decorate based on these sentiments, like this upcycled jewelry bird cage!


I wouldn’t recommend the Rosettes Postcard for mailing, however, as the rosettes are small enough to just fit the card into the envelope, but it’s still bulky.

Rosette detailing.
Rosette detailing.

These are also postcards, as specified in the shop, NOT FOLDED CARDS. Don’t you ever feel that folded cards are a huge waste of paper? There’s all that awkward blank space and excess paper you don’t have time to fill up or fiddle around with in flipping to the next side. A card should  be something beautiful to hold and see that draws immediate attention to your birthday or congratulatory sentiments. Postcards do the trick!

I really am excited to have my birthday collection out and ready for whichever friend or sister or brother you are whose amazing words are all you have to offer, in which written memories or wishes are the perfect present in itself, and where my cards are simply a platform for you to place them onto. The Birthday Collection is meant to inspire, resonate that sense of an amazing day to let go of stress and just celebrate! A sucker for romantic and opulent party details, it’s a triumph for myself to finally bring forth those inspirations onto these cards, and hoping to continue that aesthetic into the rest of my work that follows onto the Studio shop!

Bunting is another love of mine for party details, which I use to decorate my bedroom nicely.
Bunting is another love of mine for party details, which I use to decorate my bedroom nicely.

I wish you well in sending your love and thoughts to that recipient, just as special as these fresh designs!



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