By Your Side: FINALE

Here are the final words to my short story, By Your Side. Brief, short, and even Noah wishes that there will hopefully be more in this tale for him. Find the full story here.


HE’S ALONE, squatting on the rustic fire escape three stories above the snow.

            Between puffs of his Marlboro he’s thinking of everything they had. What he should have now and where he ought to be.
            Fingers are cold and stiff, without the touch of tanning oil that smells like coconuts.
            Noah flicks the cigarette down to the street in hopes that the snow and everything with it melts. He wishes somehow for this puddle to be wide and shallow enough to run across back to her on the poolside.
            He hates it here now. Someday, Noah sighs, after one last hit, someday will turn out to be the end of the day, when I can drive from work on that hog to that pool and just be by your side.




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