Staying Fresh! Spring Writing Inspirations

Pretty Vanity

Spring has long sprung, but now as we head into the Month of May, there’s really so much to inspire the senses and hard to miss. Warmer weather, sun more often than not, the smell of jasmine in the air around Clayton, a new job to go with all my other creative endeavors… yes! I am currently a creative copywriter with an absolutely brilliant idea of a website. MyWebRoom is based in San Francisco and a central place for you to store all your favorite shopping/news/social media sites into one virtual room that yes, you can design all on your own! Check it out here.

Here's my Webroom! How it works? Click on the center framed photo, goes to Facebook! Click on the TV, goes to Youtube! Can you guess where the birdcage (not shown) goes to?
Here’s my Webroom! How it works? Click on the center framed photo, goes to Facebook! Click on the TV, goes to Youtube! Can you guess where the birdcage (not shown) goes to?

To renew my excitement over the coming months, I’ve compiled everything together that’s inspiring me now. From writing tools to what I’m reading or favorite chocolate, maybe you need some things to get you writing or feeling something other than your hay fever!

Tocca Stella Perfume Coco Chanel said that a woman who didn’t wear perfume wouldn’t go anywhere. At least, when you find that right scent for you you certainly will. After years of just borrowing my sister’s Bath and Body Works stuff and finding whatever was in the house just to not smell like I’d been walking in heat, this is what I’ve been waiting for. The Stella scent by Italian brand Tocca is sweet, alluring, and very playful and citrusy. LOVE IT! Feels like summer every I put it on.

Le Pen in Oriental Blue All the colors in Le Pen are beautiful, but it’s more so how dainty and smooth this pen writes. Especially the Oriental Blue ink, it’s so calming and there’s a soberness to seeing it spell out your magic.

LePen OB

The Beautiful and the Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald Besides The Great American Novel which gave us the hopeless romantic Jay Gatsby and a selection of short stories, I felt that I really didn’t know F. Scott Fitzgerald’s works. And so, his second novel is proving to me that lovely, lengthy prose and details really sink into the heart and mind of a reader. Use these to illustrate the beautiful beginnings of a young Manhattan couple (though how long the “beautiful” will last I cannot tell since I’m only halfway through the book) and there’s just a carefree and dreamy poetry to the work all together. It’s definitely a great read to get me well pumped for my summer holiday to New York City in July!

Apica CD Notebooks Here’s something that just makes you WANT to write! Apica is a Japanese brand of durable and light-weight composition books that resemble Edwardian-era copybooks for school children. I guess that’s what draws me into them, their design and how I envision them. It brings back memories, to when writing in a notebook daily topical freewrite pieces in English which you got to share were the best ten minutes of the whole class. I like Moleskine of course, but for quick effortless scribbles and smoother, portable sets, there’s nothing else I want. Plus, they’re sooooo much more inexpensive!

CD Notebook

Toasted Coconut Milk Chocolate by Ghirardelli  I stumbled up0n this flavor of home brand Ghirardelli at a work potluck. Someone brought in two big bars of it and I found them stuffed into the back of the employee fridge two weeks later. I’m so hooked! The chewy little spurts of toasted coconut baked into the chocolate add on to the tropical fresh taste, making it so light.

Google Images
Google Images

Beachy Waves Sea Salt Spray Try a bunch and just find whatever works for your hair. For a cheap and quick fix, the Garnier Frutis De-Constructed Beach Chic spray does it for my cropped hair. With spring, sea salt is a savior when you’re gonna get serious for some writing. More effort on writing, and less on the hair.

Self Portrait Beachy Waves





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