New Novel in the Works; and You’ll be the First to See Here!

Yes! Within the upcoming weeks I shall shortly be posting chapter by chapter of my next novel, THE BOYS IN AMERICA. Won’t exactly go into the details just yet of what this will entail, other than that it follows the misadventures of young men working abroad each with their own significant story line. I’m very proud and motivated to finally have found a body of work I’m really eager to get out of my head and onto paper and to the world. My novel writing approach has very much altered as well, with past guidance from college seminars and real world expectations of written content based on my freelancing.

It is also a fun fact to know that this was all originally taken from my first novel I wrote. The frame of this story is shattered from the old and remade anew with this updated and more relevant storyline that not just I can relate to, but my readers and those around me who, being in my life, I would not be able to complete (or start) this tale. From the original story of a college drop-out moving to the Bay Area, the new protagonist is all the same in the same aspects as when I first created him, but his story is more evolved than the unrealistic musings of life in which I first wrote for him and the other characters. The Muse Land is gone, laid down and remaining dormant until it awakens into a fresh, new work, retitled and rejuvenated. But there is still a muse land; there always will be as long as the Bay Area is home.

So stay tuned, follow this blog, and be on the lookout for the first chapter of The Boys in America soon!

— P.


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