Scenes of New York: Big Summer Adventures for P!


I am still living and daydreaming within a New York minute.

Two weeks ago I had the incredible opportunity to finally go beyond my borders of the West Coast and see somewhere new, let alone somewhere so praised and mythologized as the great city of the East. It was also my first plane ride. No, not scary at all!

From this remarkable journey I sure was inspired by the sprawl of skyscrapers, stifling heat, and  the masses of nameless faces, each passing in a second on the street to replace the face I’d just seen. The city’s energy has rubbed onto me, and I am very excited to write a lengthy travel essay that captures the spirit of me during those four days in  New York. If only I hadn’t come back to California so busy though!

As I slowly dive into the writing process of producing my work, Fresh Apple, I’ll leave here snippets of the many photos I was glad to have taken in the duration of this trip.

Wishing you all a summer going lovely as mine has (so far… the future is always uncertain!).

♥ P

NYC32   NYC12

NYC22   NYC10

NYC36   NYC25

NYC30   NYC33NYC38







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