What a Writer’s Really Writing at Work (Besides her Work)

I ate sugar cubes from the office. Sugar at its best.

Resolving that with each future paycheck I am going buy a new book. A book that I WILL read from beginning to end.

Revisiting the Mission District again for an exciting new project with Stray Boots.

Sharing with you all the first map I made through Stray Boots detailing the best spots I discovered in New York.

With a month left of summer approaching, I am determined to find some time for the beach and a Giants’ game.

BUT…Compared to my situation of last summer, though it was rich with adventures and new experiences, it wasn’t as fulfilling as these past two months have been. I was stuck at home and praying for opportunities to open to me since all my efforts at paper-plane shooting my resume and cover letters in many directions landed short of their goals. Last summer with the isolation and setbacks I suffered, I think now on where I currently am, sitting back in a chaise chair in a startup company’s offices located in downtown San Francisco. I have work, I have more than plenty to do at this time. And what always seems to pop into my head is that one quote whose credibility has been misplaced somewhere amongst the interwebs:

Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.

I endured a good deal of time to kick start my way into this new chapter of my life. And as a year goes by and I think about the summer this year that I’ve lost, there was so much gained. Summer classes won’t be dealt with in the near future, and I’ve developed a platform and still try to develop it, though I may get very busy with the actual jobs that I do juggle on top of those. I’ve had a bad attitude here and there at this point, I’ll admit it. But at the end of the day I’m always grateful that I’ve moved on to better things. The fun of last summer was strictly that, for that summer, and I’ll settle for missing out on those times to better prepare myself for a more certain future. So my attitude now when I have everything, and then some? Super. And unabashed. I think I am actually at a point to not be afraid and take risks, to keep up that gamble at seeing what will fit and what won’t into my life now. I think I’m ready to let go, and gain a stronger sense of bravery. But of what?


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