Washi Tape: the DIY tool that makes ANYONE Crafty

washi tape


I’m totally not afraid to start off this piece with a simple and generalized statement as that. But it’s true– washi tape is seriously what makes crafting worth it! That last minute solution becomes your best friend in the glittery world of DIY paper goods. It’s how I started off mine!

Washi tape is, obviously, a tape! But it’s a magical one, made from paper and delicate enough to tear away what you need from the roll, making it also very easy to work with. It’s practical for basic adhesive uses, but c’mon, tape this colorful begs to decorate! For me, I’ve got my uses out of my set:

Bday Card

Paper Crafts

 Cards yes, but I’ve used mine on boxes and mini bunting, to even adding new borders to blah picture frames on my desk. Its universal function stretches far and wide, these are just somethings I’ve put them to use for. Better yet, check out this Buzzfeed article highlighting the beauties of washi tape, and then some!

VDay Washi Card
Lace washi tape: a God-send.

For anyone looking into crafting, here’s your gateway tool: the one and only and magnificently bountiful array of, this stuff.

washi tape raw
Striping a card, simple as that!

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