New Year…. And an Exciting New Giveaway Contest!

2015BlogGiveawaySo it’s been a whole year since I’ve began this journey, a simple blog that, although I’ve failed to post consistently with new stories and/or what’s on my mind, has helped me better navigate my way to becoming not just a decent writer, but have a more positive assertion of myself and how to enjoy life in its full. Writing about the things that inspire me or venting out about irks or when I’m in a mental block puts everything into perspective on how to keep moving forward. Not to mention with each notification of a favorited post or new follower, I truly am glowing; at least I’m getting noticed enough and possibly improving too 🙂

In gratitude to those who still keep up to this blog and my works, I promise two things of this year ahead. In 2015, I shall:

– Clean up this damn blog! More regular posting of my actual work, like published articles from WiseLit and Travel Sages and elsewhere I might be lucky to show my face– as well as get rid of things like short stories and my DIY/crafting section. I haven’t been writing those in awhile and any of those I post I feel aren’t just good.

ANNOUNCE A GIVEAWAY! I am going to try this out, for the fun of it and to see how much help my writing needs. There is only one fiction I care about at the moment, Boys in America, my novel in the works, and this year I’m making it a point to finish it. It will be a tough process no doubt, and that’s why I need you to motivate me! Starting on now, I would love for you to please go up to the  Boys in America page and read through the first four chapters. Then, comment, comment, COMMENT! I strongly encourage all critiques, and be brutal if need be! Being a better writer means being open to your inputs. You can leave your name in the comment section below the page, or you can tweet me @pariskimwrites. The last day to send in your comments is January 25!

And what do you comment on?

Favorite sections, quotes, pointing out weak narratives or critique on character development– and what you would like to see happen! It’s only the first four chapters of this story based on real experiences of young British men working abroad in California for youth soccer programs. While I have a set/vague direction of this novel, help is always needed!


And by commenting, you’ll be entered into a raffle for winning my copy of Chasers of Light by Tyler Knott Gregson. This book, these poems, the overall genius of typed words captured beautifully on scraps of paper by the awesome Montana based photographer and writer has been one of the best motivators of my writing in these last few months. I feel so happy to pass it on to another writer looking for inspiration in the fresh start of 2015. Have a look at some of Gregson’s work (and my favorites):



Incredible? I think so, and I think any of you have a good chance at earning this delightful collection of Gregson’s poetry by just giving me your very own insight! I’m not asking for much, just honest opinions and help!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And I look forward to seeing what you think of Boys in America.





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