Music Monday for 2015


As this is the first bright Monday of the new year, nothing perks up your mood like some coffee! But if you’re already over this Monday (and perhaps just any other Monday as well) you might have slept in and coffee doesn’t cut it as you realize the clock’s almost at noon. So, let music be that next best pick-me-up!

Some of the songs I’m sharing here aren’t necessarily new tracks– it is only the 5th day of 2015 after all– but stuff I happened to come across when wanting some fresh stuff to get into. Namely, this is the unofficial playlist I’m writing Boys of America to. Youthful, stupid, and just hopeful sounding to me. Or just plain stupid. I welcome new music you might like to share with me in return!

Bleachers, “Rollercoaster”

Post-punk poppiness is what I get from Jack Antonoff’s project Bleachers. And it’s so damn catchy. I feel exactly like I should be driving on some desert highway or just running down the street as I push trashcans over. Or maybe that should be for the next song;

The Libertines, “Don’t Look Back Into The Sun”

The humor I want to tackle in Boys in America teeters on the lines of serious and The Inbetweeners, and this is the song I imagine is the anthem of these young men out in a new world trying to make it big. Just wreckless and a hot mess, not too far from Pete Dougherty. But having fun all the same! Plus I’ll always need some sort of British band in my life.

Walk the Moon, “Shut Up and Dance With Me”

There’s a pattern for upbeat dance stuff here, but hey, you gotta do what you need to do to get you through Monday and many more Mondays of this year! Why not off to a good start. Plus the music video is pretty funny and tacky. I feel bad for the 80’s era always taking the hit (not).

Hozier, “Take Me to Church”

On a more sober note, this song. I discovered Hozier after a friend in LA posted Instagram pics of his brilliant show a few months back when appropriately, he performed in a HUGE church. It was intriguing, and I’m glad this song’s everywhere because it is kind of cool and hits hard with a melodic chorus.

Nothing new. But it’s always great to latch onto new sounds at any time just to get your mind into a better place!

Especially on a Monday.


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