The Shop is Open!


New year, new goals, and exciting adventures ahead for this P!

I’ll officially be moving into San Francisco, cutting my commute to work in roughly half! It’s been too long since I’ve been away from this city to properly enjoy all it has to offer, and my move will enable me to attend and write about a variety of literary events within this romantic city with its rich history of the arts. For one, I have a prospective writing workshop to be a part of, but details later to follow– just an idea out there that I’m GLAD at least it’s out there!


Having received a typewriter over Christmas has reawakened my want to write every moment, as much as I can. Sometimes nothing hits me, but I’ll still jot down whatever fleeting thought I have just to keep the energy going. It’s a blessing, a beautiful thing to have. And it’s a great tool that’s enabled me to take on once more my Etsy shop!


The new items on display at Paris K Studio now feature not just my own artwork and designs, but some writing as well! Ever since working at Paper Source, I’ve found the perfect outlet in creating greeting cards and unique stationery– a fun form to condense my writing in just the right amount of words. You even get to see a lot of my own designs too, with each card/ printed prose. I don’t have a set signature style; just drawing what makes me feel good inside and hopefully that same feeling translates with the aesthetic I put together in each card!


Take a look at the shop! Especially if Valentine’s Day is around the corner….




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