Tonight! Ignite the Mic Live Reading

In the first time in two years, I’ll finally attempt a live reading of some of my recent works! The last time I ever did stand up reading was for my Senior Seminar piece in college, and throughout those years I was doing my best to seek out whatever coffee houses or gallerias were throwing word nights across San Francisco. And now with fresh new (and hopefully mildly improved) work, I can start diving back into the small but burgeoning lit scene here in the Bay. I am shy and awkward, but I’ll look like a fool to showcase my inner words, lest I be a bigger fool for keeping it all inside.


I’ve never been to an Ignite the Mic event, but from what I’ve seen reviews on it the vibe is just down right fun. Enjoy the moment and each performance, usually a music act, but they welcome all and any performance work so that truly says something about the crowd. Whatever I expect tonight, I sure will tell you here!

But first, performing. Gah. T minus 8 hours until this shenanigans happens. Hope to see you there?

Ignite the Mic showcase is every last Thursday of the month from 8 to 11pm at The Center SF


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