60’s in Swing

Got to recreate a little bit of the Mod flair for the night.

I was pretty excited this past Sunday to attend a Mad Men Series Finale Party right in the heart of downtown San Francisco! Admittedly, I watch the sultry and complicated 60’s drama off and on and I’ve definitely missed out on a few seasons– but without question I am hooked. It’s a brilliant show in an unlikely setting but as we watch the portrayals of Madison Avenue masses in tailored suits and high ambitions unfold from out of the ideals of Eisenhower America into the excitement of the 1970’s. All I can really say about the show is that the writing is fantastic and we get a strong array of flawed but admirable characters. Especially for the women in the show, we all know too well about how in that day and age they were anything but docile, delicate pretty things (amen!).

The bar at Novela on Mission Street. Not as many suits as I would have liked to see!

There isn’t much else I’d want to say about the ending or my enjoyment out of the show that has not been addressed in other articles or forms of social media within these past few days. And I’m a late bloomer in the sense of fandom. But I deeply admire that the show did its thing despite– personally to me, when the show first came onto the scene– feeling out of place and random. Compared to crime drama and reality TV of 2000’s, why  would AMC want to touch back on the 1960s, let alone at the most bourgeois and boring setting of an advertising agency’s office? Well, I stayed tuned– and the masses were proved wrong.

unnamed (1)

All I’m happy to say too is that in the wake of the end of this era, I was glad I was there to see it. Because sometime in the near future perhaps television writers will turn their attention to this zeitgeist of a decade for the millennium and focus on this moment when THAT generation was flipping out over another archaic time in our short history– and wouldn’t that be an interesting little story to tell.

Now go buy yourself a Coke because, seriously.

There you have it.



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