Summer Blast: New Illustrated Writing for Sale NOW!

Starting off this week I am very please to announce a new set of typewritten works for sale on my Etsy store!

The works included you have probably seen in their earliest drafts featured here on my blog, such as “Open Your Eyes.” These pieces are each typewritten and some are complete with exquisite little watercolor illustrations, making them an all around beautiful and inspiring print you can simply frame and display.


It’s something I’ve been meaning to do, but this weekend spent at the San Francisco Etsy Indie Emporium really pushed me forward on this. It was as easy to find inspiration there just as it was hard to resist buying ALL JEWELRY and paper goods. Shout out to Waffles and Honey designed in SF’s Mission District (not pictured) and local paper artisans Paperlaced (below).


Once back in the apartment, I doled out my typewriter Rex (did I tell you his name yet? Short for Rexroth) to recreate and edit some of my works. I’ve chosen only the most popular from Instagram and those that seemed more universal and less personal– that doesn’t mean the full-fledged and disclosed pieces of mine won’t be going out into the world soon!

Travel Notes

Check them out on Paris K Studio now, and as for me, I’ll be forever writing and contributing what words and drawings I can. No better way to kick off this summer!

The Brooklyn Tree


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