Inspiration in Photos

via Pinterest.

The lighting here is hazy and phenomenal.

Old Houses Savannah

Street in Savannah, Georgia. Always longing to go back.

Via Tumblr.

I really want Anna Bullbrook’s hair in this photo but all I could do was touch up my bangs and hope for the best!


I wish I remembered what Etsy store this was I saw at the Expo a few weekends ago. But I’m starting to really dig raw crystals.


The next best thing about a Goorin Brothers hat and their beautifully arranged shop is the fact that all the hats that I particularly like range from $40-$80 only. Not too shabby!

Via DailyMail.

A few nights ago I watched the Lifetime miniseries The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe. The classic American starlet seemed to be everywhere as her birthday approached and in the wake of rare last sets of photos of her being auctioned off last month. I’ve become obsessed with her story, sad and stunted short and yet still so inspiring. Someone remarked at how sad she seemed in these last photos on a California beach as you look into her eyes. To me, it’s the lighting. It’s a hazy, golden glow that really shows Marilyn is in fact happy in this moment– maybe the rest of her life was going to hell but for her in that actual last sitting, it seemed like an unexpected heaven for just her and her friend who happened to be the photographer.


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