Back from Travels: A Captain’s Photo Log


Let me come home!

As two weeks have passed I find myself back in the comforts of home, but nonetheless pining for one of the best weekends I could possibly imagine. A little getaway to Portland, Oregon was an overdue promise finally kept to my friends and aunt and uncle living out there– and in return my memories are the promise of good writing to come from this wandering to the Northwest. Stay tuned as I write about beavers, old villages, spiked pudding, waterfalls, strangers, and train travel from this busy time in Portland. But I’ll leave scattered here some fun and sentimental photos from one of the best writing inspirations:

wpid-img_20150919_150814.jpg wpid-img_20150919_190617.jpg

wpid-20150921_171926.jpg wpid-snapchat-4191929241164605261.jpg

wpid-snapchat-7179919889630293658.jpg wpid-snapchat-3923737267339707352.jpg

wpid-img_20150923_125624.jpg wpid-img_20150920_135733.jpg

wpid-img_20150920_132732.jpg wpid-img_20150922_155626.jpg



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