Just Don’t


January 4 – January 10

It’s not just another new week by the San Francisco Bay for me– it’s a new week in a NEW year, and the first one. Back in the city, back to work, back to an apartment devoid of all things that had any trace of December festivities (except for my front hallway; simply have no clue as to where to put the tree and boxes of Christmas decor)– and we begin again.

The world sees every coming year as a new chance, a start over; in fact it’s just a rollover for most whose current situations aren’t quite things you can wipe clean. A new baby, health issues, life in prison without parole. Instead of motioning for a piece that details all the glitz and glory behind whatever resolutions I thought of making for the year, I won’t. I’d rather deduce things that you ought to not do coming into the New Year.


They are:

JUST DON’T assume a new office floor is going to be sucky. Your desk could be right near the kitchen to see when Zerocater comes by and when your eyes need a break from the computer screen, you get to look out the window to the Transamerica Pyramid. Also, candy bar DIBS.

JUST DON’T forget $10 headphones are cheap for a reason. They won’t last before the new year even begins.

JUST DON’T assume you won’t like a song recommendation from an ex. Yeah your music choices may not have always aligned but there’s going to be a halfway point somewhere. Just can’t shake off the Struts right now– especially not since their drummer liked one of my Instagram photos.

JUST DON’T trust apps like the weather on Galaxy 6 or Next Bus. It will end up raining and the bus will finally show up 20 minutes after you thought it would as you race down the hill to not miss it.

JUST DON’T assume a bus is always going to roll around. Check Next Bus.

JUST DON’T freak out that a bus route has changed within the last two years since you got on it. Looking for an adventure isn’t hard in San Francisco. Just like that, the Presidio and Palace of Fine Arts. And on that note, just don’t forget your Instax Mini if you got one. Adventures don’t happen in this day and age if you don’t photograph it.


JUST DON’T refuse cake at a party. Your stomach is a magical creature accommodating whatever sweet is laid before it no matter how late LATE in the evening. Just don’t forget the name of the bakery from where it came.

JUST DON’T not buy into the hype. Everyone’s been right about Making a Murderer. The best way to savor the show is by binging on Chinese food in a big bed with friends and crying out at the disgust of Manitowoc County every five minutes.

JUST DON’T get into talks with people, especially if they’re 3,000 miles away. Only do so if you’ve known them for a year and have established they are not a catfish and if they too are a traceable, credible writer across the internet. If they become a cool person whom you can talk to more that just over writing/blog collaborations, talk to as you sit on a wet bench in the Marina while your hands turn purple from the cold or in the dark of your studio clutching a hot mug of peach tea waiting for them to respond, or right there by your side at the desk of the new office floor you thought you’d hate, then you’re doing it right. Talk to them. Just don’t forget to be as honest as you can be about the whole situation especially since life is uncertain, life is rocky. Life builds between the best friendships the worst obstacles that are in fact the simplest, like 3,000 FUCKING miles. You’ll be better if you just take the situation for what it is and just be happy to discover another awesome and compatible soul who’s accepting of your strange existence.

And just don’t think the worst when someone tells you DON’T. Sometimes not doing something will be the first best thing you can start this new year off with.


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