The Winningest


February 1 – February 7

Superbowl Week.

This resonates a lot of sentiments with the inhabitants of the Bay Area, like, including myself, rerouted bus lines and unwanted traffic of legions of tourists here to support their team.

You could say that San Francisco’s time hosting Superbowl L is a definitive moment in the history of the NFL and for the city itself. For some, they feel that way. But after enduring this week of hype– only find the actual game lack any girth or excitement– it was just another passing piece of failed promotion that only deepened the city’s debt. The game didn’t even happen in San Francisco– it is the city of Santa Clara who reigns as the champ in reaping all the benefits SF so dearly wanted. Life in the Bay goes on, it reeks of sports no more.

Not now at least. But just because Superbowl was lackluster in San Francisco didn’t mean that the city didn’t deserve to host it. It’s a city of winners, for sure. Especially for sports, the Bay Area’s own teams reign supreme in great achievements. We live for the past, the glorious past. Growing up with a Raiders fan in the shape of my dad, I’d be watching old replays on ESPN Classic not really knowing what was going on especially because The Raiders hadn’t won anything since 1983. But they won then, and in 1977, 1980, and they’re listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most “winningest” team in any sports. Not to mention the 49ers in 1981, 1984, 1988, 1989, and 1994. Even outside football we’re gaining ground as a new dynasty in the San Francisco Giants with their even year wins and of course, more exciting this year than the Superbowl itself– Dub Nation.

But San Francisco wins all around in everyday. The champion of passion, tech, ethereal landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, photographed more than the Statue of Liberty. The game we play is success, America’s favorite sport. We compete against LA, New York, and even Portland; that city is an unlikely underdog in the most exciting place to experience. That energy runs well and alive along the streets and in the crowds that I see each day heading somewhere for a purpose. Just for trying at whatever it is we do in a city landscape, we’re already winning. And in winning, it’s nothing without the teamwork you build with the faces around you. The new YouTube videos to promote at work so you and three other girls get into the office at 7 AM to beat the bad day lighting. Having open countless Slack channels to monitor all the work you’re putting in with giveaways, promotions, and shenanigans that require you to talk with the Customer Support or Business team. Venting about such bullshit in local taverns or swanky little bars with the same people. Work brings you together, the game is simple if you play by the rules and not by yourself. You got this, you got the right people here and a neon sign behind a bar remind you that EVERYTHING, no matter what little setbacks, is amazing.

Winning is also waking up before 6 and the rising sun in a soft bed with gray sheets with ridiculously high threadcount; you’ve slept in your underwear because you’re staying in a high rise overlooking the Bay Bridge and the skyscrapers that surround the bare dirt ground where they’ll be putting up the Salesforce tower. You didn’t go home. You or your sister. Instead you stayed the night in this highrise that belongs to a tech company a relative works at where they stash visiting investors or employees from abroad. The walls are bare and the furniture is minimal and brutal and plushes of the company’s mascot are placed in every room. It’s 6 AM and you have nothing but your purse, a phone that died, a shiver, and a hazy memory from hanging out the night before when you tried getting into Superbowl City just to dine at Sens Restaurant. I’d never woken up to this, the stars nestled in the buildings around you that gradually cease as the sky brightens and the glass no longer glistens with fluorescent reflections of the night.

There is nothing else to prove because in San Francisco, you’ve already won.


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