A Year by the Bay…and Announcing an EVENT by the Bay!

One of the most surreal moments of being a writer has only just occurred for me… it would have been another ordinary day in the office had my book A Year by the Bay not arrive today. But it has! And I am so pleased to share with you all this incredible work of mine that took only a few months to prepare and a year of living in San Francisco to give you the photos and stories within.

My collection of essays, written per week from 2015-2016 and published right here on this blog, are available now via Blurb! I hope you get a chance to check out my latest full length book for yourselves, especially for new and silly insight to the San Francisco Bay Area.

There will also be a fun chance to hang out and celebrate the release of A Year by the Bay! I’ll be hosting a small gathering at Novela bar in San Francisco, March 30th at 6 PM. Stop by and say hey, drink literary-inspired cocktails, and check out copies of my book in the flesh! I’ll be taking loads of photos on my Instax Mini camera and give away some personally typewritten work as well.

I thank of course all my readers and friends and family who encouraged me to pursue my literary dreams and on my own terms. I am so proud of this book that I can actually hold and read for myself, written by me, a dream come true.



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