Zine-terest 2: A Review of Local Zines Every Thursday


Hey Girl Hi by Courtney Riddle and Sara Diamond

Found at: The Grand Newsstand

Pages: 16

Cost: $4

Subject: Relationships

I think the best way to explain “zines” to the general public was described somewhere as pretty much personal blogs compiled into a book. They’re not magazines in the mass-produced sense  filled with quippy and brief articles that are insightful on a set interest or hobby like fitness or fashion– though these smaller counterparts may have these same focuses. The insight from reading zines comes from the individual focus within the photocopied pages, to take what you will from whatever its publisher felt like they had to publish.


With Hey Girl Hi, a mini 16-pager that came from the whimsy of Courtney Riddle and Sara Diamond, the focus is on the comical enduring friendship between two girls as shown through series of redrawn text messages. They could be true conversations, coming from the instances where one recipient calls the other “Riddle” when asking about a hat, and if they were true that would be marvelous to know that our best friends really are always there when we need to know the recipes to tempura fry anything, sharing emojis, and going over the woes of a “cray” night that left evidence of a hangover and dirty dishes. Sisterhood is real and strong, just as it is simple in the conversations that run throughout the zine.


So take from this little guy (or more likely gal) the best example of the human condition, particularly half of humans, the female ones. A lighthearted, quick read of messages that hit quite close to home when it pinpoints the absurdity that makes our friends friends in the first place. If you can’t put your finger on what makes girlfriends special, don’t bother trying. Get a laugh and appreciate the girls that are in your life! These authors did. An easy reader’s digest of sorts narrowing on one friendship that feels like the thousands we harbor ourselves.


I can’t wait to dive into my next great zine find, I Spend a Lot of Time Thinking About the Future I Wish I were Ready to Embrace, another beauty by Courtney Riddle! See what happens next Thursday 🙂





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